Composting Toilet Q&A

Our composting toilets have set the standard for over 35 years, providing sanitation solutions for all over North America. We’ve heard from many customers who said that they would like more information about their composting toilet that isn’t in your owner’s manual.

After reviewing feedback, the idea of expanding our already extensive FAQ section was born. On a regular basis, we will cover compost toilet topics our customers frequently ask. Our goal with these posts is to provide accurate, accessible and, most importantly, helpful information to both new and old Sun-Mar customers.

Below, you’ll find links to posts we’ve written on different topics, such as winterizing your composting toilet and what kind of toilet paper is best to use. The posts include tips and information gathered over 35 years of being the industry leader in composting.

If you have questions that we haven’t covered, no matter what they may be, we want to hear from you! There is no question too minor, and we might even have a post in the works. You can contact our customer service team via email and let us know.

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