A question we often get from customers when they are installing their new self-contained toilet is, ‘How am I supposed to secure my toilet to the floor?’ Which is a fair question, considering how different Sun-Mar self-contained units are compared to traditional flush toilets.

All self-contained Sun-Mar units are designed to be installed in solely stationary locations, such as homes, cottages, cabins, or barns. While every installation is different, Sun-Mar self-contained toilets, with the exception of the GTG, do not need to be anchored to the floor. The required installed venting keeps the toilet in its intended place, and the weight of the compost in the drum acts as an anchor, preventing the unit from moving without the use of brackets or silicone.

The GTG was designed to be used in both stationary and mobile locations, such as boats, trailers and campers. The GTG uses floor brackets to keep the unit in-place, which allows the toilet to travel with its users.

You may read this and find yourself asking, ‘What’s the harm in using silicone to seal it to the floor, or using my own brackets on my new self-contained toilet? It’ll be as secure as can be!’.

In theory, this could be true. In practice, it would wind up creating unnecessary maintenance and upkeep, as well as unneeded, and potentially costly, problems.

Drilling floor brackets into the base of the self-contained toilet will void the warranty and compromise the integrity of the base of the toilet, potentially leading to the toilet leaking and damaging the heating element in an electric unit. Using silicone or glue to attach it to the floor could damage the floor on which it is installed, and can make annual maintenance unnecessarily complicated.

All of Sun-Mar’s self-contained toilets were designed to be as easy as possible to install, maintain and use. With the venting installed and proper start-up procedures followed, your self-contained toilet will remain steady and in place.

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**Please noteThe information in this post is not intended to replace your owner’s manual. As each installation is different, if you have any questions, our customer service department is more than happy to help, and can be reached at 1.888.341.0782 ext. 1018, or via email at **