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Protecting the environment for over 35 years

At Sun-Mar, we are proud of our history and the role our products play in protecting the environment. Our toilets provide an economical, environmentally friendly and stylish alternative to traditional toilets and costly septic installations.

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See the sun-mar difference

  • No septic or sewage connection required

  • No water required

  • Chemical FREE

  • aerobic process

  • Environmentally friendly alternative

  • Pollutant free


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Trusted by Companies around the World

Sun-Mar is proud to support researchers at the Smithsonian’s Caribbean Coral Reef Ecosystems (CCRE) program by providing comfortable, easy-to-use toilets to help them protect and study vulnerable ocean habitats.

Sun-Mar toilets help kids attending Tim Horton Children's Foundation Camps learn about environmental sustainability and recycling back to nature.

The Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (“HI-SEAS”) is a NASA-funded mission simulation. The purpose of this simulation is to gather data that will ultimately benefit future manned missions to Mars.

Nestled in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, EcoCamp Patagonia offers the region’s first truly ecologically-sustainable accommodation. Since 2000 EcoCamp has been hosting guests in upscale geodesic domes and providing guided trekking excursions through the park’s wilderness.

Sunnyside Farms has been breeding Fjords destined to help less privileged youth who are faced with special needs. Primarily, they strive to assist those suffering from educational hurdles, traumatic experiences and social challenges.

The Margaret and Luke Pettit Environmental Preserve and Sun-Mar help foster a new generation of conservationists by educating students using practical environmental concepts.

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Giving peace of mind to customers for 35 years and counting

Since the cabin is without plumbing, the Excel was and is ideal. It looks good and everyone can use it without a problem. It has serviced a large group (12) on a given day and is odorless. We are so glad we found this system, otherwise we would not have purchased our “get-a-way”.
This one is newly installed after we finally retired our (Sun-Mar) Bowli X-L after 15 years of full-time residential use (family of 4). Needless to say, we were pleased with the product. Yeah, we had to “learn” the ropes of good composting, but I wonder how many times a plumber would be called to a flush toilet disaster in fifteen years! Had we had a dissatisfactory experience with the product, I can assure you, I would not have bought another!! We look forward to 15 more years of happy composting with our ecologically sound Excel toilet system.
We’ve been using the outhouse for over 60 years at our cabin in the Adirondack mountains of northern NY & still do not have running water. We really appreciate the Sun-Mar Excel, especially on cold early spring mornings and late fall mornings. Installation on the second floor was easy with no expense for septic system or water system. Has worked well with 10-12 people in the cabin for 2 week stays in the summer.

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Sun-Mar toilets are the gold standard in composting toilet solutions worldwide

There is only one performance standard for composting toilets in North America. This is National Sanitation Foundation NSF/ANSI Standard #41. 

Sun-Mar is certified by the NSF under this stringent standard. Testing is conducted for 6 months at a NSF recognized, independent testing laboratory under a strict test protocol. 

To be certified, the unit must operate odor-free at maximum capacity (including overload conditions) and produce clean, safe compost. 

What you need to know about Composting Toilets

As additional verification, NSF obtains and tests additional compost samples from randomly selected field operations, and conducts interviews with the users of these units. For verification, please check the NSF website. 

NSF International is a not for profit, non-governmental organization. It is the world leader in standards development, product certification, education and risk management for public health and safety, and for 75 years has been committed to public health, safety, and protection of the environment. 

The importance of NSF certification