About Sun-Mar

Founded in 1983, Sun-Mar is a pioneer in composting and recycling technology.  With its complete line of composting toilets and garden products, the company has achieved a worldwide leadership position based on unique product designs and patented technologies.  Sun-Mar designs, assembles and distributes each product to ensure and maintain high quality standards.  Only Sun-Mar has composting toilets that are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) to NSF/ANSI Standard #41 for residential use.

Products are sold through a worldwide network of thousands of dealers.  Sun-Mar is a privately owned company headquartered in Ontario, Canada with facilities in New York, USA.

Mission Statement

At Sun-Mar, we design, assemble and distribute a complete line of composting and recycling products.   We believe that the best way to save the environment is by making composting easy for our customers.  That is why we designed each of our products with nature in mind.

Our goal is to be the worldwide leader in composting and recycling technology through research and innovation, and in partnership with our dealers.


In 1971, Hardy Sundberg, Sun-Mar’s founder, developed the world’s first self-contained composting toilet.  For the first time, a self-contained toilet could be used in a bathroom and would evaporate liquids and compost solids thereby removing the reliance on municipal waste infrastructures.

The next major advancement came in 1979 when Hardy developed the third generation toilet which incorporated a rotating drum as the composting chamber. This was a three chamber design which used separate chambers for composting, evaporating and compost finishing. Now the environment for each function could be optimized individually.  Sun-Mar, through a series of international patents, ensured that only Sun-Mar products can take full advantage of the benefits a drum offers for mixing and aeration of compost.  Today still, Sun-Mar products continue to use this revolutionary design resulting in the world’s leading composting products.

In keeping with Hardy’s tradition, Sun-Mar continues to place significant time and attention to advancing composting technology through research and innovation in partnership with our customers.  Sun-Mar continues as a global leader in composting toilets and other environmentally friendly products and dominates the North American market with its range of products and models.  Each model is designed to fill a specific need and each is distinguished by innovative design, superior technology and manufacturing quality.