Composting toilet accessories

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Cleans and accelerates the composting action of your Sun-Mar composting toilet. Compost Quick is a specially selected natural enzyme solution that also assists aerobic decomposition of waste. Compost Quick is 100% natural and non-toxic.

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100% natural product combining a blend of microbes and enzymes designed to start and accelerate composting in all Sun-Mar toilets.

For use with all Sun-Mar low water CENTREX systems. Compost Sure Blue's mix enriches compost with organic carbon and also provides drainage of excess liquid, ensuring compost remains aerobic and odor-free.

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The ideal bulking agent for your Sun-Mar waterless toilet. Compost Sure Green is specially formulated to keep compost enriched with organic carbon, moist and maintain porosity ensuring maximum aeration.


Compost Magic speeds up composting in GTG composting toilets or any garden composter. Retains Moisture/Provides a Carbon Source/Holds Oxygen/Breaks Up Waste