Safety Drain Installation

Sun-Mar toilets – whether self-contained or Central systems – have the capability to evaporate liquids, depending on usage and climate conditions (ie. use over-capacity and extremely humid weather)*.

That being said, all Sun-Mar units come with an installed safety drain for an extra measure of security in residential and heavy usage situations. Despite their capacity for evaporation, if you expect your Sun-Mar to have heavy or regular usage, installing the safety drain is recommended.

Any excess liquid that comes out through the safety drain should be collected and/or treated in an approved facility such as a recycling bed, old septic system, holding tank or drain pit. Installation should be in accordance with your applicable local regulations.

For information on using a recycling bed capable of handling liquids, please call our customer service team.

drain installation


*Evaporation rates will be more substantial in electric, self-contained toilets. Non-electric and Central units with ultra low-flush toilets will have slower evaporation rates due to the consistent influx of liquid, and/or lack of heat.