How Composting Works

Composting is Nature’s Way

Every living organism consumes nutrients and creates waste. To transform waste back to nutrients and complete the cycle, nature uses the process of decomposition and evaporation. As is often the case, nature seems to be doing business in the best way possible.

That’s why Sun-Mar toilets are designed not only to harness these natural processes, but to optimize and accelerate them.

Toilet waste is over 90% water content. This can be evaporated and carried back to the atmosphere through the vent system. The small amount of remaining material is recycled into a useful fertilizing soil.

Wherever there is a poorly working septic system, a Sun-Mar can take care of toilet waste; where there is an outhouse, we offer the luxury of an indoor facility; and where there is no toilet at all, a Sun-Mar provides the perfect solution. Sun-Mar toilets are economical, quick to install and easy to use.

Odor Free

As well as ensuring an aerobic breakdown in the Bio-drum™, Sun-Mar ensures an odor free environment by engineering the airflow within the unit to maintain a partial vacuum at all times. Air is being drawn in, either by a fan or, with non-electric units, by passive venting in the vent stack, over the evaporation chamber and up the vent stack. Not only does this assist in evaporating excess liquid, but by continuously pulling air in, we ensure no smell escapes from the unit.

                                   Assisted Evaporation

In electric units, a thermostatically controlled heating element is installed in a sealed compartment underneath the evaporation chamber. This heater is meant to assist in evaporation, but it is still important to make sure the ambient temperature around the unit is appropriate and consistent for the usage you expect.


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Some Benefits of Composting Toilets

  • No septic or municipal sewage connection required
  • No water required
  • Uses natural processes and no chemicals
  • An environmentally friendly alternative
  • Pollutant free
  • Converts organic matter to its essential minerals
  • Completely natural process
  • Odor-free aerobic process
  • Results in 90%+ of the material being evaporated
  • The end compost is recycled back to nature 
  • A safe end-product