For 35 years, Sun-Mar has been providing reliable, environmentally safe toilet systems for customers all over the world. 

If you have a Sun-Mar that you’ve used and would like to share your experience with us, please email our sales or service department. We are always eager to hear about the many different installations.


We have enjoyed the unit from day one. It is cost efficient and is the answer to our dilemma (solid bedrock ground and land slopes to the lake; impossible for septic and lagoon).

Your product took us from an outside privy to indoor leisure and comfort and besides, we are saving the environment.

We purchased a Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 for our island camp in eastern Maine which has been happily established and composting since then. That model we installed in a small outbuilding, and is pictured in the two photos.

Since we were so pleased with that one, and feeling we needed to provide additional toilet facilities for larger groups visiting, we have installed this summer a new Sun-Mar Excel. This self-contained unit has gone into another small cabin adjoining a kitchen and bedroom.

We purchased one of your Sun-Mar Composting Toilets in July of this year, the Excel model, electric. This is just a few words to let you know that my husband, Ron and I are very pleased with the unit.

It is situated on 8.5 acres of land in a wooded area. Also enclosed are pictures of our Sun-Mar toilet. Everyone who has seen it are amazed by it, to say the least.

My husband and I are retired and this was a great purchase, as the cost of installing a septic field was our of our range in price. This sure made visiting our cottage a lot more comfortable.

We have been very satisfied with our composting toilet. Rather than having to pay for a septic system we are able to use the compost to fertilize our garden and boy do the flowers grow. Thank you. Sun-Mar is definitely the way to go.

People are always surprised when they enter what they expect to be an ordinary outhouse and find a clean toilet with “no odor!”. And also to learn how easy it is to manage. We have found the new Compost Sure to work much better.

It may be THE invention of the 20th Century. It is so great not to have to worry about a septic system, sewage smells, etc. We think the composting toilet is excellent.

Our Sun-Mar EXCEL is installed in our cabin on Lake Buteau.
We have been very happy with this product being installed in our cabin in the bathroom. Excellent performance and we have had as many as 8 people for several days at a time. No problems.

When eventually I do put a permanent septic in this will go in the second bathroom for usage when people are on the lake and don’t want to go back to the cabin. The best thing is that I didn’t have to have a Septic permit to install it!

We built our cabin in 1965 – we are in the country so we have no public utilities except electricity and telephone. With the Excel installed I am able to spend 2 or 3 months here during the summer. It’s great! Thanks!

We installed the Sun-Mar Excel (electric unit) when we built our grey-water greenhouse system. The year round solar greenhouse handles all our grey water and the Sun-Mar makes it possible. The combination is permitted by our county health dept. as an experimental system and in Year 4, going on 5 we still love it.

We are on the Chesapeake Bay. No water or sewage available. Have had your unit for about 3 years and find it a great reward. My wife likes the waterfront property, but never did get fond of an outhouse.

We installed our Sun-Mar Excel during our summer holidays in July 2001. Friends and family are amazed at how well it works. It has become a conversational piece.

Being on the Minas Basin, with the world’s highest tides (yes! the earth actually tilts at high tide) we have to cope with coastal erosion. Old septic systems can be a problem because of leaching into the seawater.

Sun-Mar toilets are a great environmental choice and great too for cold-weather visits to our cottage. My ornamental shrubs enjoy a spring perk-up when we spread our clean compost in May.

We cringed for years just at the thought of going/using the old outhouse at our family cabin site. Then we were introduced, by a neighboring cabin owner, to the Sun-Mar composter toilet. After using the Excel composter, we consider it the most practical investment we could have made. The most surprising element – total lack of any offensive odors.

We installed our Excel Electric in the Spring. At our cabin we have greywater disposal, but not sewer. We have a lot of guests on weekends, so we try to all use the “indoor” toilet (the composting toilet) on rainy days, or at night… and we use our outhouse when we are outside anyway. I found the job of emptying the toilet this Spring not bad at all, the dirt looked like top soil, no evidence of toilet paper or anything. We are very happy with the product.

We have now had 4 seasons to learn to use and manage the Sun-Mar Excel and it is working well. There is really not much compost to remove in the Spring. We find that using both the Microbe Mix and the Compost Quick when turning the drum is the best formula, along with the regular addition of the peat moss/sawdust mixture (Sun-Mar addition – 50% peat moss, 50% wood shavings or Compost Sure peat mix is ideal mixture).

There is no odor to speak of, the fan is quiet, and you don’t have the regular noise of waste water being flushed.

Very pleased with Sun-Mar Excel. We use it 3 months during the summer and haven’t had any problems.

Since the cabin is without plumbing, the Excel was and is ideal. It looks good and everyone can use it without a problem. It has serviced a large group (12) on a given day and is odorless. We are so glad we found this system, otherwise we would not have purchased our “get-a-way”.

Its been great. No mess, no fuss, its saved on overuse of our septic system. I’d recommend it to anyone. We built a solid step for further comfort.

Thanks to the Sun-Mar Excel unit I was able to obtain a sewage permit and begin construction on our cabin in the Alleghany National Forest. The Excel model was approved as an alternative to a septic system. We have used the Excel model for four years and are very satisfied with its performance.

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We’ve been using the outhouse for over 60 years at our cabin in the Adirondack mountains of Northern NY & still do not have running water. We really appreciate the Sun-Mar Excel, especially on cold early Spring mornings and late fall mornings. Installation on the second floor was easy with no expense for septic system or water system. Has worked well with 10-12 people in the cabin for 2 week stays in the summer.

Our cottage is near a river and so a septic was not an option. Additionally, we have tried to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our building, Tyvek house wrap, sealed vinyl windows, a front load low water washer and compact fluorescent bulbs in all the fixtures, even outside lights.

We would love to be part of your Web Site. I tell everyone about how great this toilet is. I even told our local Rotary Club about how great these toilets are.

Our model is an Excel 120v model. It runs all summer and all winter in the cottage. It’s great to have an door plumbing. We have followed the instructions completely and use Compost Sure, Microbe Mix and Compost Quick. We have never had a smell or a problem.


We built another shed to house this unit and put it to work. Installation was extremely easy as well as the set up. We were surprised at the lack of smell from the unit (the main point) as well as the easy of maintaining it. Since we only use it on weekends in the summer and a few weekends in winter, it requires very very little in the way of maintenance. Keeping it clean using the supplied solution, rotating the drum at the end of the weekend and periodical cleaning of the composting chamber is all that is required. Now the finished composted waste looks, feels, and smells like rich loam earth.

We would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a low cost, environmental solution to their waste problem. No septic tanks to be pumped out. No worry about environmental impact of an out house. And surprisingly…no flies, which one might think you would get. Get one, you’ll love it!

We could have put in a real outdoor style toilet but did not want the constant smell that is associated with outdoor toilets. With the SunMar we can enjoy a smell free process and the compost is recycled to the surrounding woods without worry of smell or contamination of the environment.

There is little maintenance involved. In the spring, we add moisture, compost and microbe mix to begin the season. We have been very happy with our composting toilet.

Our magnificent Sun-Mar is beloved of young and old. Problem free, odour free – come and see!

Our mountain cabin is located on steep, rocky terrain where septic systems are not possible. It works very well and is odor free.

Although I live near an urban area, with city utilities available, as a social and environmental statement I choose to live “off the grid” with solar power and recycled waste. I process my blackwater with Sun-Mar’s Centrex 2000 NE composting toilet system. I started with another manufacturer’s product, but it failed within a few months. I have enjoyed my Sun-Mar system for 5 years now. I appreciate its simplicity and reliability. I am able to process waste from 3 low-flush toilets that feed the biodrum which is located in a walk-in space under the house. The staff at Sun-Mar has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. When small problems arise they offer expert advice at no charge and supplies at a reasonable fee. In fact, I am so pleased with Sun-Mar’s products and service that when I built a guest cottage, I installed a Sun-Mar Excel NE whose performance is flawless. Thank you so much for your fine products, friendly service, and longstanding dedication to living in harmony with Mother Earth.

In July, I installed the Sun-Mar Excel NE at my fishing camp in Northern Quebec. Prior to the installation, we had an outdoor toilet that always produced a slight odor in the vicinity of the camp. After closing down the outdoor toilet and after one month using the Sun-Mar Excel NE .

I was absolutely amazed at the efficiency of the Sun-Mar system. It works perfectly and all my family members who have stayed at the camp are really pleased with the new installation.

In addition, I found that my communication with Sun-Mar Corporation on installation and operating procedures to have been excellent

In conclusion, I totally recommend this product to anyone who wants an efficient and trouble free toilet facility.

We have been extremely pleased with our Sun-Mar Excel NE. We have not had any problems other than using too fine a peat moss initially. Since you introduced the Compost-Sure mix, we have not had any problems at all.

Our cottage is on a very small lake in Glen Almond P.Q. and because of the impossibility of any other system but an outhouse this was the perfect option for us. We have it in the cottage and have no odor from it. We have accommodated up to 8 people for a week-end with no adverse effect. We highly recommend this product for peace of mind and good ecological sense.

As we are on a rocky island, 7 miles from the marina, we were looking at about a $20,000 bill to install an approved septic system. I met Sun-Mar at the Cottage Life show and signed up for the Show Special. As hydro has not invaded our island yet, we chose the NE model. We installed it in a purpose-built building.

That year, the cottage was very well used and we found that Sun-Mar’s recommended capacity was accurate. So, the next year we bought a second NE and installed it in an edifice liberated from the construction site of a cottage being converted to year round. Our installations cost a fraction of a conventional system and produces excellent compost for our small flower garden.

The Sun-Mar staff have always answered queries in a prompt and useful manner.

I will share my experience with one of your composting toilets (Excel-NE).

We love it. I have a remote cabin on the Owyhee Lake in the Eastern Oregon desert country where there is no electricity or running water except what I pump out of the lake. My wife and I built it in 1972, and also built an outhouse. In 1995 I added a 8′ by 8′ bathroom on the back of the cabin and installed the composting toilet and a shower stall.

Very much appreciate unit after many years of the typical “Out House”. The unit is very simple to use and we have only unloaded the compost one time in 3 summers of use.

Our Sun-Mar toilet works great. We have a log cabin that is the woods with no water or hydro. Therefore with no power we needed the Excel-NE and it has worked great with no problems. We have even had 16 people up on a weekend with no problems.

Our cabin is located in a remote, wooded area. There is no electric service available, no on-site water and septic regulations allowed only a privy with holding tank. The Excel NE answered our needs. We were able to install it in a heated bathroom. Its cost equaled that of an outdoor privy and we were not faced with pumping fees. We use your solar panel/fan in the stack. It is an outstanding performer, exceeding our expectations.

Buying a Sun-Mar Excel-NE composting toilet was the best move we ever made at our cabin on Powell Lake.

It works so well with no mess, no smell and takes very little time to maintain.The unit is installed on a float cabin eliminating the need for a shore based outhouse.

It also saves us having to maintain a walkway to shore to get to an outhouse. Because of fluctuating lake levels this can be a full time job. This leaves me more time to take my kids fishing!!

The Sun-Mar Excel-NE has been the perfect choice for our cabin in the woods. The electricity often goes off between our visits and so this was a great worry free solution.

We have had no problems and absolutely no odors! We even trained our son to use it from a toddler. We even use our cabin in winter without problems.

We are very happy with the Sun-Mar toilet. We have had as many as 30 people use it on weekends. We have been using it 5 years with no problems. It is everything you said it would be. We are pleased.

Been working fine – it has been a bonus in this household, particularly for my flower beds!

I needed a sanitation answer to a problem, and got it in my non-electric unit. I was building a home on 43 very rural acres in southern Colorado, and had no electricity, septic, or anything. I installed my composting toilet in my storage shed, but now, 1 year later, still use it most of the time. I know it will add years to the life of my septic system, and I enjoy my morning walk to the shed.

My son & I built a camp, Water was not available, so we heard about Sun-Mar composting toilets. We then got some information and purchased the Excel NE and have never regretted it. It works like a charm.

This cabin is located in Pittsburg N.H. 5 miles from the nearest power. The toilet was installed to add convenience to our family. Versus an out house, the unit performed great for weekend use for our family of three, however as more people came to enjoy the lake, and peace and quiet, we found that odor from liquids was noticeable.

We first installed our Excel in a shed on our property. In Spring we brought it into its “new” bathroom in our garage with loft. We get a lot of questions about it, but I am proud to say it works great.

Our Sun-Mar NE composting toilet has been the perfect addition to our summer and weekend retreat.

It was very easy to install and has been maintenance and odor free for all year. Thanks to you for everything but the “pleasure” is all ours.

Our cottage near Seeley’s Bay, Ontario is very rustic with no electricity or running water/septic. We’ve had our Sun-Mar Excel-NE just over a year and are very pleased with the results – no mess, no smell, and much more pleasant than the “outhouse”.

Deidre B. of Omagaki Wilderness Lodge was so pleased with her first Excel-NE that she now has more than ten in operation at the camp. Omagaki entertains hundreds of visitors every season at their beautiful remote location in the Ottawa valley which runs entirely on solar energy.

Deidre is “very satisfied with the performance of the units” and likes the fact that her toilet facilities are never going to destroy her business’ most precious resource – nature!

We have an island on this lake with no electricity. The Sun-Mar N.E. has allowed us to have an indoor toilet which was an impossibility before this. We think its great. No more stumbling in the dark to find the outhouse.

We have the Excel NE with the 12 volt fan option. We installed the Excel-NE per the instructions and it went well. We have been using the Excel-NE for about three weeks now and think it is great, no odor, no fuss, no water. I am 56 years 5′ 6″ Margaret is 54 and 4′ 11″ the step was the only thing we were not sure about, but it has not been a problem at all. And after all we can feel better about not running the pump or using all that water. We should have done this years ago.

Our experience with our Sun-Mar non-electric composting toilet has been nothing but positive. What a great idea! We would & do recommend this system to anyone who needs an alternative to the conventional septic system.

Our cabin is located on a 4 acre island on Eagle Lake near Vermilion Bay, Ontario. We built the cabin in the early spring, taking advantage of the ice cover to transport the materials to the island. We were inspected by the local building inspector and by the inspector from the districts’ Health Unit. They both took one look at the Sun-Mar & inspection in that area was ended. To say they were happy with our choice was an understatement. “Its the way of the future” we were told. We agree.

The compost toilet replaced Ye Olde Outhouse at our weekend cottage at the beginning of the summer, and has attracted so much interest we considered setting up turnstiles and charging for a guided tour! Once we had learned how to achieve the correct moisture level (a matter of trial and error) the system has performed very well. For the most part there are only two or three of us at the cottage but we have had groups of as many as eight on long weekends. I was relieved (nice choice of word!) to find that the system coped very well. In fact, we have been surprised at the bulk — or lack of it — so far. Any one considering a composting toilet needs to understand that that it requires a little nurturing. In return, it pays great dividends. And it sure beats Ye Olde Outhouse. We look forward to a place in the Toilet Hall of Fame.

This Excel-NE is another of the many Sun-Mar installations around Proudfoot Lake.

As Kim D. says, “we’ve been very happy with it and we’ll also put one into the new cottage we’re building”. Bob C., their neighbor, has a family of four. He uses his NE “every weekend from about May on, when the ice goes out”.

When asked what happens to the toilet paper, Bob said, “I just turn it before we leave and when we come back everything is gone. I hope everyone buys one.” We do too!

We are Sun-Mar owners and feel that buying the composting toilet was one of our wisest purchases. There have been minor – easily corrected problems. One time excess moisture collected in the bottom. We found that raising the front of the unit slightly corrected that. Overall we have been very pleased with our Sun-Mar.

One of the features I like about the Sun-Mar non-electric unit is the fact that it uses no electricity or water which saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water as well as no additional electrical loads. Our house runs on solar power for electricity so this is an important feature. … There are two full-time residents at our house so this unit works pretty well for our needs. Visiting friends and relatives are surprised there is no big odor problem and how simple the composting idea is.

A breeze to install/set-up. Absolutely odor free! Everyone loves it. Occasional use, sometimes heavy (6+ people). Only had to empty it once so far – second year of use.

We have a true “camp” — a deluxe tent in the bush on Lake Huron. No running water, no electricity. We didn’t want to build an outhouse so I researched toilets. The Sun-Mar Excel Non Electric seemed to fit the bill. My husband was hesitant, thinking that it would smell! Not only did it not smell, but it survived three bear visits INTO our camp! The bears wrecked EVERYTHING — but were not attracted to the toilet — it didn’t smell! … Even when I empty the compost there is no smell — it only enhances the environment and DOES NOT attract animals.

My husband works in Environmental and is now so convinced of its benefit that he recommends it for any eco-tourist site — environmentally friendly and NO SMELL!

Our Excel-NE is an excellent addition to our primitive Colorado mountain cabin. It is odor free and simple to install. The ladies and grand kids appreciate it, especially during the winter. They don’t have to make the 75 yard trip to the outdoor toilet.
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Everyone loves to try my toilet. They are sure its going to smell – and it doesn’t! It is easy to use and easy to care for. Thank you for making this product available.

We have a summer cottage on a barrier beach here on Cape Cod. We installed our Sun-Mar and since then have helped 4 other cottage owners switch over from old fashioned outhouses to your product.

When my husband Jim and I retired to our hunting cabin in the Wisconsin Northwoods, we decided to simplify our lifestyle. He built a small building about 8′ from our 25′ by 25′ A-frame, to use as a bathroom and shower house, and we installed the Excel-NE.

In 4 years of daily use, we have had no problems with our composting toilet. In fact, we are delighted with it! There is absolutely no odor, to the surprise of our “downstate”, city visitors. The compost is sprinkled near our plentiful trees, bushes and flowers and dug in to enrich our sand/clay soil. It improves our soil.


Composting toilets are not used in this part of the country as much as they are up north. We and our guests really appreciate our composting toilet @ “The Fishing Cabin”.

Remind your customers that after spending a weekend at their cabin, when they get home, they have to flush (our guests have gotten so used to not flushing, they forget to when they get home).

The bed in our camping shed is only 2 feet away from the Sun-Mar which is situated behind a partial wooden partition. We were a bit concerned at first that there might be an odor problem but there has never been so much as a whiff out of our Sun-Mar. Also it operates so quietly that we are barely aware of it — very much appreciated after a hard day of sawing and nailing. We can honestly say that the only time we were disturbed by an odor was the night a skunk decided to rummage around underneath the camping shed. Ugh!

You’ll have to take our word for it that it’s sitting there quiet and odor-free, just inside the door to the left.

WCM serves two toilets. Drain hooked to septic system line since we had to have system installed.

Compact serves auxiliary use when working outside or in shop.

We treat the compost obtained like any other compost, it goes into a composter near the garden, garden soil is added to it in layers. When removed later, it is spread around the base of shrubs and small trees. The result is very positive.

The 1/2″ emergency hose is always connected in case of excess liquid.

Our family has spent many happy days at our “very basic cabin”. We have electricity but no running water. Our compost unit is ideal. We have no closing concerns for the winter. Just flip a switch.

There are no problems with frozen or broken pipes. And our environment is protected – we are totally satisfied.

Due to County changes in the Code we had to install a composting unit. We have been very happy with the unit. We have only used Sun-Mar products as instructed.

Our cabin is only used for summer fun but the whole family enjoys it. We have had no odor problem which was a major concern when we decided to install the unit.

Thank you for your amazing composting toilet! My partner and I live in a beautiful refinished barn in rural Oregon. It is not plumbed and the Sun-Mar composting toilet sits in a stall decorated with photos and hangings from all over the world.

We have been so pleased to not have to trudge through the Oregon rain to an outhouse or up to our main house in the middle of the night!

We have been impressed that the toilet can take our fairly consistent forgetfulness about emptying the drawer. In the two years we’ve had it, it has never smelled, nor caused a problem. What a miracle!

We hope to build a larger community in the country eventually, and the houses will be peppered with your composting toilets.

Works great – weekends up to 5 adults. Compost great for flowers and shrubs. We use it year round and are very happy with performance.

We are very pleased with the Sun-Mar Compact electric. We have been using it for 2 years and I have had no problems. Sometimes as many as 20 people use it in one day and it holds up very well.

We installed the Compact after struggling without success with another composting toilet for many years. The Compact is used daily for 4-6 weeks each summer and then for occasional weekend use the rest of the year. It works wonderfully!

This cabin has been in my family for 40 years. We have no running water and for 37 years had an outhouse.

The Sun-Mar Compact is the best investment we ever made – and at a fraction of the cost of a well and septic system. Using the bathroom at night no longer involves shoes, coat, and a flashlight!

Our septic system had failed. Being on an island in the St. Lawrence River. replacement costs were estimated at $3000 to $5000. After much research it was decided to purchase the “Sun-Mar” Compact.

We closed in part of the back porch to create a second bathroom and a laundry room. The Sun-Mar works well and avoided the necessity of installing a second septic system. The small stool makes it easier for the grandchildren to use the Sun-Mar, but we all use it.

I’ve used your composting toilet on a daily basis for the past five years. There have been cold, rainy, winter days when I’ve “hated” having to slog out into the woods to bury a wheelbarrow full of compost, but all in all, the toilet has served me well. It is serving me ESPECIALLY WELL at the moment, because our well, like so many others around here, has all but dried up. We’re all praying for RAIN! One-third the normal rainfall this past year is not something we’re used to dealing with in this (rainy) part of the Northwest! Anyway, I have an operating toilet while others are hauling in water to flush theirs.

I might also add, that your product and your ‘service’ are absolutely TOPS; I’ve enjoyed every contact I’ve had with your company!

It has been called the world’s most elegant outhouse – Actually, it is obviously not “out”, though one has to go outside to the back of the cottage to get there –

I have been generally satisfied with my Compact, since solving the problem of insufficient absorption due to too fine peat moss – I now mostly use fallen and partially decomposed pepper (California pepper) leaves which are very small and brittle and seem to work well.

We purchased the Sun-Mar Compact composting toilet. Followed your instructions for leaving it for the winter. Upon our return, we followed the instructions to re-activate the Compact.

I am the sole occupant of our cottage – with several guests during the summer – and it is doing a good job.

We do not have the option of a traditional flush toilet at our summer place. We put in a gas incinerator toilet first, then heard about Sun-Mar composting toilets. Our Sun-Mar is much easier to maintain. The folks at Sun-Mar are very helpful. Keep up the good work.

Bob says his wife Bonnie and family are very pleased with their Compact which is “easy to use, very sanitary, no odors and very attractive”. The cabin is used by three generations and up to four people “on a weekly basis”.

Although it is way above design capacity, Bob says the Compact “easily handled 8 people on weekends”. For the sake of the Compact, we hope the fourth generation doesn’t arrive just yet!

Mobile and Spacesaver

Bill’s SpaceSaver is installed at the family cottage which is used nearly 365 days a year. He reports that “installation was a ‘snap’, I installed it myself in less than 2 hours.”

He opted for a Sun-Mar because of the cost of a septic system and the fact that he didn’t want to disturb the trees around his cottage. He also likes the idea of being able to use the compost for his plants. “I have nothing but praise for the Sun-Mar”, enthuses Bill.

Our Sun-Mar is installed in our RV. The RV is on a permanent installation in the Adirondacks. We were unable to secure permission from APA for a septic system thus the composting toilet.

We use it 4-5 weeks at a time so far and have been pleased with performance.

Aside from a few minor glitches all is going well. We vented it through the bathroom ceiling vent and that works OK. Odor isn’t much of a problem especially when using the exhaust fan through the charcoal filter.

One of two in our Live aboard Catamaran. We really are happy with the “purring” fan to ventilate and clean lines and “NO PUMP OUTS – EVER!!” EXCELLENT!

We use the composter at our remote high desert home. Friends are always fascinated when they first see the composter. It certainly provokes thoughts on solutions for the need to conserve water here in the arid West.

CENTREX and Centrex 1000

Units sits behind lattice that easily lifts off for access. The unit works very well and I extended the season by heating the air through a 3″ intake duct on a thermostat.

Since the installation of our Sun-Mar composting toilet there are no more trips to the outhouse in the middle of the night wondering if we’ll meet a “rattler” on the way. What peace of mind! Care and maintenance is so easy, we wonder why we didn’t make this installation years ago.

Operates even better than expected. No smell, easy maintenance, and easy to install.

Our cabin is on a hillside, lots of rock and gravel. No place to put a septic system, even if we wanted one.

The 510 bowl has a straight drop to the Centrex 1000 in a insulated, heated containment unit under the floor. A flip up door allows for turning the crank without total loss of heat for winter use, very dry year, lots of drywells, doesn’t worry us. The environment office suggested a compost unit when I called for a site inspection.


Being an island cottage owner, the Centrex 2000 works great. We have had it in operation for 2 summers now and the system has worked extremely well. We have absolutely no regrets! We have recommended the system & now there are several more installed on our island.

We installed the Centrex 2000 last summer in our cottage in Minaki, ON. Over the years we tried propane and chemical toilets and neither worked. We are so pleased with the composting toilet. It is great.

After 10 years of faithful service, it was time to retire our WCM. We had been “stretching” the limits of the design – with a little more traffic than it was intended to handle. Since it had come to be in nearly continuous use, we always had to consider the WCM composter limitations when having guests visit.

The answer was to upgrade to a Centrex 2000, which has added capacity, and can handle all the traffic we expect.

We are thrilled with our Centrex 2000. As our cottage is built on rock, a septic system would have been very expensive. The Sun-Mar system is much more affordable and environmentally friendly, which is important to us.

We are very happy with our composting toilet and feel very virtuous for helping to save the environment.

We were pleasantly surprised at the results the first time we emptied the drawer of our Centrex 2000. The compost was not offensive at all. The toilet is very easy to maintain. We use boiling water and your “Compost Quick” to clean it. We have a solar powered fan attached to it. We are very please with our investment, and feel that a composting toilet is the only way to go in a setting such as this. However, we also feel strongly that composting toilets should be introduced in “on the grid” settings as well, because they make good ecological sense.

We are very pleased with our composting toilet at our seasonal lakefront cottage. We are happy to be “environmentally friendly”

When greeting cottage visitors, most owners say something like, “Come see my new boat” or “Come see my new deck”. We say, “Come see the new outhouse!”. And it is truly lovely, all insulated and paneled in pine. It boasts a “Dutch” door to view the lake, a handy shelf for the coffee mug and a magazine rack for “Cottage Life” and “Canadian Geographic”. It truly does not smell. It is easy to keep clean and fresh. In summer, it is used daily to ease the pressure on the Centrex when there are lots of folks about.

We are very concerned about the environment and endeavor to make minimum impact on our pristine lake and forest. Our choice of Sun-Mar installations is consistent with this goal.

We are really pleased with our compost toilet. (We have the one pint flush). Easy to install, very little maintenance and no problems so far. The township inspector gave it the “thumbs up” as well.


We installed our central unit during the construction phase of our cabin and have been using it almost every weekend and vacation since it was installed (over a year now).

It took very little effort to get used to the maintenance of the unit. At first there was a bit of trepidation about how it would all work… but everything has been working well and we have had few problems. (The 7-and-a-half-feet of snow in the March Blizzard of ’03 was a bit hard on the roof vent stack, but that was a once-in-90-year storm)

Thanks, Sun-Mar, for helping us save water, keeping our septic field a “grey-water” system, and giving us a sense of helping the environment. Our little part in saving an incredible 1.6 billion gallons of fresh water with other Sun-Mar users everywhere.

We have a small summer camp on a lake in western Mass. 2003 is our sixth year of composting with Centrex Plus. It handles 4-6 people on weekends and small gatherings of about 15 people very well. We produce an average of two 5 gallon pails of compost per season (May to Oct.). Its great, easy, inexpensive and an excellent system.

Thirty-six years ago my husband and I purchased an old cottage at Malachi Ontario. After 17 years of cottage enjoyment with our young family – “Major” renovations were under way – with plans to include the luxury of an indoor bathroom, (complete with toilet!) Next – what type of toilet to install? With family discussions we chose the “Sun-Mar composting toilet.” With the skills and expertise of our family we now are fortunate to have a luxurious bathroom. Attaining the end result we give sincere thanks to Sun-Mar’s Service department and representatives from Kenora Home Building Centre for their expertise and friendly manner to ensure the maximum efficiency of the toilet.