Available Accessory Parts

Sun-Mar has a variety of accessory parts to ensure that your installation can be modified to suit your every need. These parts are available for purchase through Sun-Mar. 

Please note that accessory parts have a 90 Day warranty, from date of purchase. As they are considered after-market modifications, they are not included under Sun-Mar’s manufacturing warranty for composting toilets. For more information on what is covered for composting toilet units under Sun-Mar’s manufacturer’s warranty, please click here to go to an electronic copy of our warranty card.

This kit allows an electric unit to be converted to operate in a 12 volt or non-electric mode. When converted, the unit will have both a 2 inch and a 4 inch vent stack. This kit can only be used with the Excel, the CENTREX 1000, CENTREX 2000 and CENTREX 3000. 

This kit is required for use with Sun-Mar waterless toilets and CENTREX 2000 and CENTREX 3000 systems. It includes a 12 volt 2.4 watt fan and hardware kit.

The speed control was created for units installed in quieter locations, to slow the fan in their composting system and allow for a quiet night’s sleep. Designed for electric toilets only, the control kit allows users to adjust the speed of the fan. This kit is ideal for installations where the toilet is used in winter applications or in bunkies.

A 10 watt Solar Panel is available for purchase from Sun-Mar, and is ideal for use with a 12 volt fan on a non-electric unit. Sun-Mar does not recommend running electric composting toilets on solar arrays.

In-Line Fans

Two different vent stack fans – 12 volt 1.4 watt and 24 volt – are available for purchase from Sun-Mar to assist with airflow in your Non-electric or AC/DC compost toilet. Contact Sun-Mar’s customer service for information on which fan is best for your toilet.

Fan Assemblies

If you require a replacement built-in fan for your electric Sun-Mar unit, contact Sun-Mar’s customer service for information on which fan is best for your toilet.