Compost Sure Green or Compost Sure Blue

From years of experience and learning from our customers, Sun-Mar has created a line of bulking mixtures for your composting toilet. They are designed to allow your composting toilet to perform at maximum efficiency, supplying carbon, keeping the pile and bacteria healthy and providing compost for use in your garden or flower bed.

The main differences are water absorbency, and materials used in the bulking mixture.

Compost Sure Green is made of a mixture of coarse peat moss and chopped agricultural biomass. It is designed for use in toilets that do not have a flush toilet, like the Self-Contained toilets. The mixture absorbs liquid and retains it while decomposing.

Compost Sure Blue is made entirely of chopped agricultural biomass, and is intended for use in water-flush units. This allows water to pass through the mix while it decomposes, which provides carbon to the compost and helps maintain the porosity necessary for composting.

Though they both serve the same purpose, to help break down waste and enhance decomposition in your Bio-drum™, the two Compost Sure types achieve this in specific ways, and should only be used in their designated units – dry, or water-flush. Sun-Mar does not recommend using alternative bulking mixtures in your toilet.

When you purchase a new Sun-Mar unit, the toilet comes with bags of the appropriate bulking mixture so you can start using your toilet as soon as it is installed. When it comes time to purchase more bulking mixture, the easiest way to remember which Compost Sure your toilet needs is the color – Blue for water-flush, Green for dry/water-less.

For questions on which bulking mixture works for your toilet, or where to purchase the appropriate bulking mixture, please check our dealer locator for a distributor near to you. You can also contact our customer service department at 1.888.341.0782 ext. 1018, or via email at

**Please note: The information in this post is not intended to replace your owner’s manual. As each installation is different, if you have any questions, our customer service department is more than happy to help, and can be reached at 1.888.341.0782 ext. 1018, or via email at **