Tim Horton Children's Foundation

Sun-Mar Toilets Help Kids Attending Tim Horton Children’s Foundation Camps Learn about Environmental Sustainability and Recycling Back to Nature.

Burlington Ontario. Sun-Mar provides the latest waterless composting toilet technology to Tim Horton Children’s Foundation camps. The Foundation camps are committed to providing a fun-filled camp environment for children from economically disadvantaged homes. For many children, the opportunity
to attend these camps provides them with access to a unique camp experience. Attending the Foundation camps may also coincide with the children’s early wilderness experience, exposing them to new growth opportunities and developing a greater understanding of nature and their role in environmental stewardship. After an extensive review of the options, Sun-Mar’s premium Excel waterless and chemical-free composting toilets were selected for use by the camps.

A Foundation goal is that each participant leaves camp a more caring, responsible and motivated person. This includes building an appreciation of the environment and is aligned with the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation’s concern regarding environmental sustainability and its understanding that
changes in the environment need to be managed. Sun-Mar’s toilets help to broaden this important guidance by building and expanding on common approaches to conservation. Sun-Mar’s composting toilets operate without water and convert waste into fertilizer which is recycled and returned to nature.
By selecting Sun-Mar toilets featuring leading green technologies and sustainable designs the Foundation’s camps are able to enhance conservation appreciation.

“Having a lower environmental impact is an important commitment we are making and the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation efforts in environmental sustainability are widely recognized” stated John Crawford, Parry Sound camp. “Sun-Mar’s toilets install quickly and easily and are simple for the kids to
operate, as well as for the staff to operate and clean. Our composting toilets provide the children attending the camps with a view of the future of green technologies. By selecting a technology leader like Sun-Mar and their first-in-class composting toilets we are able to provide camp amenities that stay
loyal to the lessons we are providing on the environment we live in.”

“We’re excited to help the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation provide their children’s camps with innovative eco friendly facilities” says Fraser Sneddon, Sales Manager, Sun-Mar. “We are proud to be associated with the camps and look forward to serving this important cause and to helping the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation Camps continue as a thought leader in this activity.”