Testimonial - The McWilliams

Installed in Cottage in Tweed, ON

Over the last two years we have been rebuilding our family cottage (The Shack) and adding an addition.

Please find attached some photos of our Sun Mar Excel which was installed in our new cottage bathroom. We love it.

Our cottage is near a river and so a septic was not an option. Additionally, we have tried to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our building, Tyvek house wrap, sealed vinyl windows, a front load low water washer and compact fluorescent bulbs in all the fixtures, even outside lights.

We would love to be part of your Web Site. I tell everyone about how great this toilet is. I even told our local Prescott Rotary Club about how great these toilets are.

Our model is an Excel 120v model. It runs all summer and all winter in the cottage. It’s great to have an door plumbing. We have followed the instructions completely and use Compost Sure, Microbe Mix and Compost Quick. We have never had a smell or a problem.