Schuetzen Park Historic Site

Sun-Mar’s composting toilets help to maintain the natural beauty in Schuetzen Park.

Burlington, Ontario. Schuetzen Park has been known for its rich cultural history and diversity of nature for more than 100 years. With roots dating back to the 1800’s, the park has become a historical landmark in Davenport, Iowa. Considered a prime destination for the community in Davenport, Schuetzen Park places high value and importance on the preservation of the environment and their surroundings within the park. This is one of the reasons that, after careful deliberation, they have chosen to install a Sun-Mar Excel composting toilet on the grounds.

Schuetzen Park is committed to supporting a well-balanced ecosystem. Protecting the environment remains an evident focus for the park. Every year various projects are led to help maintain the balance of nature on the grounds including regularly planting new greenery as well as eradicating invasive plant species. Schuetzen Park’s Sun-Mar composting toilet also helps by producing compost that is used to fertilize the surrounding flowers and trees. This toilet reduces their overall water consumption as it does not use water for flushing. Being 100% chemical-free also means that it has no negative impact to the parks natural environment.

“Schuetzen Park is a proud member of the Davenport community. The fact that we are still going strong after more than 100 years is a testament to our amazing community” Says Kory Darnall Facilitator at Schuetzen Park.  “The decision to use a Sun-Mar Excel series toilet on the grounds was well thought out. We wanted to ensure our visitors were able to fully enjoy the natural beauty around them but also maintain the park’s greenery and reduce our environmental footprint.”

“Schuetzen Park is a great example of a community-focused organization. Their cultural-focused attractions bring people from all over the world” stated Fraser Sneddon, Sales Manager at Sun-Mar. “Our composting toilets are a great fit in the park. They are waterless and chemical-free which allows Schuetzen Park to help maintain their well-preserved ecosystem.”

About Schuetzen Park          

Schuetzen Park is a privately owned nature and recreation area. Having been built by German-Americans immigrants, Schuetzen Park quickly became a Mecca for cultural traditions brought from the “old countries” of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. From the first weekend in June, when the Park opened for the season, ’till the late fall each year, hundreds would gather in Schuetzen Park nightly to hear concerts from the stage of the Park’s world class, Moorish style music pavilion. Many community groups also use the Park for their outdoor meetings and project days.