Plowshares Farm Center

Sun-Mar’s toilets help Plowshares Farm Center cultivate a closer relationship to the land

Burlington Ontario.  Sun-Mar, the Global Composting Experts, is the composting toilet provider of choice for Plowshares Farm Center for use at its 75 acre farm in Buffalo Kentucky.  Plowshares have been using Sun-Mar’s composting toilets for nearly 10 years in different locations at the farm.  After originally researching all available options, Plowshares selected Sun-Mar toilets as the way to solve their sanitation problems simply and cost effectively.  As a result Sun-Mar’s Excel Non Electric series were selected as the exclusive composting toilet for use at the farm. 

Plowshares efforts are aimed at facilitating a deeper understanding of and investment in the relationships of our world.  Through a number of different programs, the farm offers opportunities for adults, youth and children to experience the daily and seasonal routines of farm life in a spiritual environment.  These programs, ranging in length from a few hours to a week or longer, enable people of all ages to connect with life at the farm. These programs also serve to expand the Plowshares philosophy of environmental sustainability, protection and stewardship.  Plowshares Farm Center as part of its community efforts and belief in social responsibility also donates a portion of each years harvest to people in nearby communities.

“We are tucked in the hills and hollows of Kentucky, a delicate ecosystem.  We sought out a solution that afforded protection to our environment, were earth friendly yet still provided the comfort and convenience when nature calls.  Sun-Mar’s composting toilets provided these options and could be installed anywhere.” stated Plowshares Co-Founder Bob Ernst.  “Sun-Mar’s Excel non-electric toilets with their unique composting technology were easy to install, simple to use and came at a fraction of the cost of alternatives like septic system options.  It’s just like a regular toilet.”

“Sun-Mar toilets were a natural fit for the Plowshares Farm Center requirements.  We’re delighted to help provide their farm stay guests with eco friendly facilities” says Joe LoCicero, USA Sales Manager, Sun-Mar.  “We look forward to continuing our association with the Plowshares Center and the meaningful and innovative contribution they make”.