Ellen Island Camp

Sun-Mar is pleased to work together with Ellen Island Camp to protect the pristine rivers and lakes in Northeastern Ontario with the use of their leading brand composting toilets. Located two hours north of North Bay, Ontario lies an island in Lady Evelyn Lake, known for its clean water and abundance of fish. In 1945, Charlie Wheeldon and his wife Ellen saw an island in this stretch of the Northern Ontario wilderness and wanted to build something that would last. This desire was the beginning of Ellen Island Camp, named after Charlie’s wife and built on the 17-acre island that shares its name. Today, Lady Evelyn Lake is one of the last few lakes in Ontario that is considered truly remote.

Now in the hands of Jeff and Jane Landriault, Ellen Island Camp consists of multiple, fully equipped properties. With six cottages available for group rentals, no expense was spared in making sure that a stay will be comfortable and relaxing. Offering various packages for overnight stays, with group sizes between two or more adults, Jeff, Jane and their family has made sure that no detail is missed. Each package includes scheduled ferry pickup to and from the island, a fully equipped cottage with kitchen, living area, two bedrooms and a three-piece bathroom, outdoor grills with barbeques, satellite television, WI-FI and cell phone availability, access to a 16-foot boat and more.

Given the remote nature of Ellen Island Camp, a Sun-Mar toilet was an ideal fit to help protect the area and the pristine water surrounding the camp. The Centrex 2000 with accompanying ultra low-flush toilets had the capacity needed to accommodate visitors to the camp, while also providing familiar and comfortable bathroom facilities that did not require a septic system. “One of Sun-Mar’s goal is to help preserve clean water through the use of composting toilets.”, says Rehan Shah, Sun-Mar sales. “With Ellen Island Camp, it was critical to protect the water and let it be used for fishing and swimming for years to come.”

About Ellen Island Camp

“Ellen Island Camp is a remote fishing lodge located on the beautiful unspoiled waters of Lady Evelyn Lake. Our quiet retreat is on a 17-acre island with no road access to the lake. Located two hours north of North Bay, the lake is well known for its clean water and abundance of fishing. … Experience some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world right from your front porch with the sun setting over Maple Mountain on the horizon.”