EcoCamp Patagonia

Sun-Mar Toilets Help Travelers to Explore World Heritage Site in Harmony with Nature in Chilean Patagonia, South America

Burlington Ontario.  Sun-Mar, the Global Composting Experts, provides the latest composting toilet technology to EcoCamp Patagonia, located in the world heritage site of Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia.   After an exhaustive review of the options, EcoCamp selected Sun-Mar’s premium CENTREX Series composting toilets for use by its guests. EcoCamp is an eco lodge combining upscale accommodation with an environmental policy dedicated to stewardship over its surroundings.

EcoCamp was the first hospitality company in Chile to receive the prestigious ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification from SGS in Switzerland.  The ISO 14001 certification must be renewed each year and EcoCamp must continually improve its environmental management system standards in order to maintain certification.

Sun-Mar’s toilets are integral to maintaining this important standard and for EcoCamp to meet its policy of only using best in breed green technologies and sustainable designs.

“EcoCamp’s commitment to environmental sustainability has been internationally recognized and its reputation as an innovator of green technology confirmed” says Yerko Ivelic, EcoCamp Founder.  “By selecting a technology leader like Sun-Mar and their first-in-class composting toilets offering unmatched quality and reliability, allows us to stay loyal to our premise of taking comfort to the limits of what is sustainable”

“We’re excited to help EcoCamp Patagonia provide innovative eco friendly hospitality” says Fraser Sneddon, International Sales Manager, Sun-Mar.  “We continue to be impressed by EcoCamp’s facilities and their seamless integration with the environment.  The CENTREX Series composting toilets will enable EcoCamp to continue as a thought leader in this industry”.    

About EcoCamp Patagonia

Nestled in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, EcoCamp Patagonia offers the region’s first truly ecologically-sustainable accommodation. Since 2000 EcoCamp has been hosting guests in upscale geodesic domes and providing guided trekking excursions through the park’s wilderness.

EcoCamp’s green design includes hydro & solar power, high-tech composting toilets and low-impact domes based on the design of the ancient Kaweskar inhabitants. EcoCamp has won National Geographic and Virgin sustainability awards and is the first ISO14001 certified hotel in Patagonia. Read more at