Tiny Heirloom

Sun-Mar’s composting toilets help Tiny Heirloom’s tiny-homeowners shrink their environmental footprint.

 Burlington Ontario.  Sun-Mar has paired with Tiny Heirloom to allow homeowners the option to add a composting toilet into their new tiny home. Since they were established, Tiny Heirloom has helped families build the fully-customized tiny home of their dreams.  The company was founded on the principle of redefining luxury in order to live a more balanced lifestyle. There are two key components to each new Tiny Heirloom tiny home, detailed customization and top-quality building materials. Pairing with Sun-Mar has helped create additional flexibility for homebuyers to ensure their new home will match perfectly with their individual lifestyles.  Whether the owner chooses to go with standard electricity, off-grid, with or without water, there is a Sun-Mar composting toilet to suit their needs.

Tiny Heirloom’s unique tiny homes have not gone unnoticed. They are now the feature of HGTV’s reality series ‘Tiny Luxury’. This show features the finest and most innovative tiny homes created by Tiny Heirloom. This program is a great opportunity to show-off the gorgeous properties and the vast customization that goes into each new home. The company strongly believes that luxury does not have to be compromised in a tiny home. This is one of the reasons they place such high importance on the homeowner’s ability to customize as much of their new home as possible. For this reason, they provide the option of using either Sun-Mar’s Excel or Excel Non-Electric self-contained composting toilets. The ability to choose a Sun-Mar composting toilet provides homeowners a reliable, environmentally-conscious solution.

“It is really important to us that we make our clients house a home and the best way to do that is to bring their vision to life. Sun-Mar’s composting toilets allow us to offer options for our customers that will incorporate their individual lifestyle. Each client has their own unique ideas, needs and personality and we take pride in being able to fill these specifications.” stated Tyson Spiess, Founder of Tiny Heirloom.  “One really great example we have come across is the clients who choose to have their tiny home be an off-grid property. We are able to suggest Sun-Mar’s Excel Non-Electric as a perfect option for them as it does not require any water or electricity to still function effectively.”

“We love to hear about the tiny house revolution and all of the innovative solutions that Tiny Heirloom is coming up with for their customers. We recognize that there can be stumbling blocks that tiny homeowners can run into when building their new tiny home. We are happy to be able to provide a solution to one of those obstacles” says Joe LoCicero, USA Sales Manager, Sun-Mar. “Tiny Heirloom’s creations are always remarkable to see. We are proud to see our Excel series toilets inside the beautiful masterpieces that they create.”

About Tiny Heirloom

 Our goal is to create a tiny home that fits the lifestyle and personal necessities of our clients. Floor plans and interior design are all available for customization to your preference. As for exterior design, much of the customization process starts here. We work together with you, our engineer, and design team to create a tiny home that truly appeals to your senses. Trailer length, roof pitch, paint or stain color, etc. let us know what you like and we will do our best to make it happen. Whether you want to be plugged in to the grid or live on a piece of land far away from civilization, we have options for you. Each Tiny Heirloom comes standard with on grid plug ins for both power and water. We are the very first luxury, custom tiny home manufacturer in the US. That means, as a Tiny Heirloom Standard, from beginning to end, every detail is thought of and perfected. From framing to finish work, hours upon hours of detail and care are incorporated into a finished product that we can honestly and confidently call the best and most quality tiny home in the world.