Harmony Outdoor Inn

Harmony Outdoor Inn chooses Sun-Mar composting toilets as an alternative to outhouses.

Burlington, Ontario. Harmony Outdoor Inn is a gorgeous resort located in Parry Sound, Ontario.  This inn is a great fit for those looking for an adventurous outdoor getaway. The site embodies a perfect combination of the traditional camping experience and glamping[1]. The site features locally hand-crafted furniture, a community outdoor cooking area as well as Sun-Mar’s chemical-free, waterless toilets.

The decision to use Sun-Mar toilets as opposed to traditional outhouses enables the inn to stay aligned with the authenticity of the experience. As well, unlike outhouses, the toilets work to quickly and efficiently break down waste, converting it to usable compost.

When visiting Harmony Outdoor Inn, you will never be short of activities and experiences to partake in including, numerous trails and a picturesque waterfront to enjoy. There is enough to keep even the most adventurous of people busy.

“Harmony Outdoor Inn exemplifies the glamping experience. With a wide variety of activities and gorgeous scenery, it must be impossible for guests to leave unsatisfied,” says Brianne Roy, of Sun-Mar Corporation. “I am yet to meet someone who enjoys using an outhouse, we are happy to be able to provide a much more user-friendly toilet alternative.”

“We want people to enjoy their glamping trip. Our inn is structured around making sure each person has the stay that they want,” stated James, owner of Harmony Outdoor Inn. “We have been able to replace the need for outhouses with the premier-quality composting toilet; they work well and have proved to be a great alternative.” 

About Harmony Outdoor Inn

We are James and Dympna, sea kayak guides and coaches.  We’ve created this peaceful place of comfort and adventure as a gathering place for all outdoors enthusiasts. Harmony Outdoor Inn is a woodland retreat on the Seguin River located minutes from downtown Parry Sound, Ontario. Parry Sound is known as the jewel of the thirty thousand islands of Georgian Bay. We’ve built six canvas walled luxury tents in the woods to host our guests. The tents are furnished with hand-made furniture from our friend Luke.

[1] Glamping: a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping: glamping is likely to satisfy anyone seeking a little refuge in nature – without foregoing any of life’s luxuries.