Free Spirit Spheres

Free Spirit Spheres choose Sun-Mar toilets for their tranquil resort

Burlington, Ontario. Free Spirit Spheres is a resort located just outside of Qualicum Island on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. What makes Free Spirit Spheres a unique experience is their accommodations. When staying here, you get to experience living in nature while staying in a custom built sphere that is suspended in the forest. The accommodations seek to promote a tranquil experience while immersed in nature. Free Spirit Spheres uses Sun-Mar composting toilets to maintain the freeing experience that goes along with a night amongst the stars.

Throughout the resort you will find mushroom-shaped structures, each one containing a Sun-Mar composting toilet. Free Spirit Spheres ensures a more environmental and user-friendly experience through the use of the composting toilets. In keeping with the culture of the resort, the composting toilets support a non-polluting, progressive solution to stay in harmony and preserve nature. Sun-Mar’s composting toilets provide a quality alternative to traditional waste water solutions.

When visiting Free Spirit Spheres you are encouraged to take in the scenic vistas that the west coast rainforest has to offer. The views are sure to inspire creativity while instilling the importance of conserving nature and supporting healthy communities. They are situated right in ‘Lighthouse Country’ and within close proximity to local beaches and the Horne Lake caves. A stay at Free Spirit Spheres is sure to leave guests with a feeling of calm and relaxation.  

“Free Spirit Spheres features gorgeous accommodations and really helps to bring people closer to nature without sacrificing comfort and modern convenience,” says Rehan Shah, of Sun-Mar Corporation. “I think the Sun-Mar composting toilets make a great fit for the culture and experience of a place like Free Spirit Spheres.”

“The vision of Free Spirit Spheres is to exemplify a world class resort while allowing people to enjoy nature,” stated Tom Chudleigh, President of Free Spirit Spheres. “In using Sun-Mar toilets it gives us the ability to offer our customers a unique stay experience with all of the comforts a guest would desire.” 

About Free Spirit Spheres

Our business is based on inspired creativity, a quality of hospitality that exceeds expectations, and responsible stewardship of nature. Our mission is to provide a venue for people to enjoy exceptional experiences while dwelling in a natural forest environment. We envision a truly world class resort – one that allows people to experience nature in relative luxury, while showcasing the majesty and true value of west coast rainforest. We seek to cultivate partnerships focused on extending this vision as a model for conserving forests and supporting healthy communities globally.