Sun-Mar toilets help FarmStart to grow a new crop of next generation farmers across Canada

Burlington Ontario.  Sun-Mar, the Global Composting Experts, is the composting toilet provider of choice to FarmStart for use at its two near-urban farms in Ontario Canada.  After a thorough review and investigation of the options, FarmStart selected Sun-Mar’s premium Excel series composting toilets for use at the farms.  FarmStart is an organization dedicated to the expansion and growth of farming in Canada.  The organization is focussed on creating programmes and services that can encourage and support a new generation of farmers.

FarmStart is devoted to protecting the fabric of farming communities, the long term stewardship of farmland and bringing innovation and renewal to farm agriculture.  FarmStart’s mission promotes ecological farming practises with farmers acting as important stewards of the land and its ecosystems.  Incorporating Sun-Mar’s composting toilets at farms is an important element in aiding FarmStart to achieve its ecological farming goals while also providing for the necessities of nature.

Key elements of ecological farming include limiting energy use and minimising off farm inputs.  This allows entrepreneurially guided ecological farmers to have more control over the costs of farm expenses and operations.  Sun-Mar’s Excel series NE composting toilets help minimise ecological footprints by using no water, no electricity and recycling waste streams back to nature.

“We loved the idea of a zero-footprint environmentally friendly toilet.  When it came to selecting a composting toilet, Sun-Mar was the clear leader and a trusted brand name across North America.” stated Sri Sethuratnam, FarmStart-up Program Manager.  “Sun-Mar’s Excel toilets with leading composting technology were easy to install, simple to use and virtually maintenance free.  It’s just like a regular toilet without the waste.”              

“Farming is a key part of the fabric of Canada and it’s vitally important to maintain a vibrant and economically sound farming infrastructure”, says Chris Muir, Canadian Sales Manager, Sun-Mar.  “We are proud to be associated with an organization focused on the expansion and regeneration of this important industry”.