Domaine Floravie

The ‘Tiny House Movement’ has a large presence in Quebec’s Domaine Floravie

The tiny house movement has taken North America by storm. Domaine Floravie offers a relaxing getaway while allowing you to experience tiny-living first-hand. Their tiny home accommodations are completely off-grid and offer much more than meets the eye. In keeping with their up-scale design, Domaine Floravie has chosen to use Sun-Mar’s self-contained Excel NE premier toilets in their tiny houses.    

The homes are built entirely of wood and offer guests a comfortable, luxurious and relaxing experience during their stay. All traditional amenities are included and each tiny house comes complete with kitchen appliances and a full bathroom. The use of Sun-Mar toilets ensures Domaine Floravie is able to provide guests with a fully-functional washroom without sacrificing the experience or their desire to remain off the grid. The Excel NE provides an easy-to-maintain solution for the tiny homes.   

Guest experience is of the utmost importance to Domaine Floravie. The aim of the facility is to provide a relaxing getaway. Domaine Floravie hopes each stay will leave guests with a few key takeaways:

  • Reduce your environmental impacts
  • Fulfill your potential
  • Live together harmoniously

“We want each of our guests to leave feeling relaxed and unwound. It is important that we provide them with the tools to do just that,” says Donald LeBel, owner of Domaine Floravie. “We are glad we made the decision to use Sun-Mar toilets, they’re easy to maintain and operate. They are a great addition to our tiny homes.”

“The tiny houses at Domaine Floravie are well-maintained and are a great place to getaway. The Excel NE is a perfect fit for this off-grid experience,” says Brianne Roy of Sun-Mar Corporation. “With tiny-living making such a splash in North America, it is great to see our toilets providing the perfect solution.”

About Domaine Floravie

Billions of human beings, only one planet…We believe that people can thrive from having a better and more fulfilling life. Respecting the environment by simple, everyday actions, will undoubtedly lead to improving global conditions. We are proposing that this is achievable in a natural environment, in which everyone can be restored with balance, serenity and personal development. Our mission: At the enchanting site of Pointe à Santerre, le Domaine Floravie offers both the conditions and the facilities that promote healing, renewal of self with nature and with environmental, social and spiritual core values.