Chrisholm Historic Farmstead

Sun-Mar toilets help bridge the divide between old world setting and new age technologies with LEED certified green restroom.

Burlington Ontario.  Sun-Mar, the Global Composting Experts, is the composting toilet provider of choice of Chrisholm Historic Farmstead at Chrisholm MetroPark, located in Butler County, Ohio.  After a thorough review and investigation of the options, Sun-Mar’s premium Centrex series composting toilets were selected for use at Chrisholm MetroPark.  The Chrisholm Historic Farmstead was built in 1874 and is an important historical Butler County site.  In keeping with Chrisholm’s reputation for historical significance to the area the choice was made to construct a green “off the grid” public restroom.  This is the first of its kind in Butler County.  Sun-Mar’s environmentally friendly category leading composting toilets are designed to reduce waste and save water – an ideal complement to the green project.

Installing Sun-Mar’s Centrex series toilets will also help enable MetroParks to meet its conservation objectives which include:

  • Protect drinking water sources;
  • Preserve and protect watersheds;
  • Preserve wildlife habitat;
  • Protect important birding areas;
  • Protect plant and animal diversity; and
  • Conservation education. 

The environmentally friendly public restroom at the Chrisholm MetroPark’s Historic Farmstead is an excellent teaching tool for visitors to learn about sustainable living, protecting the environment and highlights the latest in green living technologies.

“Thanks to generous project donors, the Friends of Chrisholm were able to select the trusted brand in composting toilets when it came to renovating the public restroom at the Chrisholm MetroPark’s Historic Farmstead.” stated Anne Jantzen, Friends of Chrisholm board member.  “Sun-Mar’s Centrex toilets were simple to install, provide hassle free public use and give us a valuable teaching tool for anyone visiting the Chrisholm Historic Farmstead at Chrisholm MetroPark.  A visit to a heritage site now allows the public to see the future of green technologies.”

“We’re excited to be associated with the Chrisholm MetroPark’s Historic Farmstead and the commitment to environmental preservation that the Friends of Chrisholm have bought to this project” says Joe LoCicero, USA Sales Manager, Sun-Mar.  “Our Centrex series toilets will help solve a practical problem and protect this important heritage area – that’s something we’re proud of”.     

About Chrisholm Historic Farmstead at Chrisholm MetroPark

 This 17-acre historic property was donated to the park district by Duke Energy and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The 1874 Samuel Augspurger farmhouse is being restored and was the home of the leading family of the Amish-Mennonite settlement which existed in this river valley area in the 19th century. Along with the house is a large bank barn and other site features which are being preserved and restored with the help of the Friends of Chrisholm.  A variety of educational programs and events occur at Chrisholm throughout the year. Future plans call for the site to be renovated as an educational facility paying tribute to Butler County’s agricultural heritage and the contributions of the Amish-Mennonite settlers.