Can toilet paper be used in my Sun-Mar toilet?

Toilet paper can be something of a confusing topic when it comes to composting toilets. Often, new customers who are unfamiliar with how Sun-Mar toilets work are under the impression that toilet paper should be kept out of the composting toilet, that it will not break down, but with Sun-Mar toilets, the opposite is true.

Due to the design of our patented Bio-drum™, all composting takes place inside the drum, so moisture and a balanced carbon to nitrogen ratio is necessary. Toilet paper is an essential component in this process because it is a valuable source of carbon for the compost. Remember: your Sun-Mar toilet does not function the same as septic systems or holding tanks, which need harsh chemicals to break down the organic material and does the environment no favors.

With a Sun-Mar toilet, the aerobic microbes will break down the waste in the drum, eliminating the need for chemicals. All types of toilet paper are designed to break down, and there is no specific brand or class of paper that has proven itself better at composting in a Sun-Mar toilet. The simple answer is that any type of toilet paper can be used, whatever your preference. Toilet paper is an essential part in keeping the aerobic microbes healthy, especially with summer on the horizon.

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